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BTIC is a consultancy founded in April 2005 by Alain Untersee,
former co-founder and manager of ITIS (company founded in 1988,
and taken over by Harris Corporation in 1997).
BTIC is a Limited Liability Company, with a capital of 20,000 Euros, and
head-quarters located in Saint-Grégoire (close to Rennes, western France).
Alain Untersee has had a diversified 25 years’ experience in the IT industry,
in large French company groups (100,000+ employees), international groups
(10,000+ employees), and SMEs.
With a technical background (engineering graduate in electronics), he occupied
varied positions, including technical ones (as project manager), marketing
(as product manager), sales (international business development),
and as an SME general manager.
Beyond his initial experience in industrial process control and telecommunications
network infrastructures, he benefits from more than twenty years spent in the
professional audio, video, and digital broadcasting sectors.
He is familiar with international working groups, such as DVB, WorldDMB, Digital
Radio Mondiale, ETSI, and collaborative research programs (PCRD, Eureka, Celtic, Eurostars, French ANR and FUI, French Competitiveness Clusters).
BTIC is a member of the following organisations :
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