Broadcast Technology Innovation Consult
Our expertise
BTIC brings to your projects technical and marketing expertise
in telecommunication technologies, with a specific focus in the following
domains :
  • Digital TV broadcasting through cable,
    satellite and terrestrial transmission, according to the European DVB-C,
    DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-T2 standards
    , the ATSC American system
    the Japanese ISDB-T standard, and others,
  • Digital Radio broadcasting, according to the European DAB+,
    DMB, DRM standards
    , the HD-Radio American systems, and others.
  • The convergence of the broadcasting and telecommunications
    worlds, with the developments of ADSL, 3G & 4G mobile telephony,
    and the emergence of TV for mobile and handheld terminals,
    using the DVB-H, DVB-SH, FLO, ATSC-M/H and CMMB standards.
BTIC’s expertise includes a deep understanding of the markets
these new technologies are addressing (including issues relating
to the transition from analog to digital, the development of new business
models and new value-added services), as well as a key knowledge of how
these technologies can fit together and be deployed
(equipment, systems, network infrastructures).
BTIC’s vision is worldwide (Europe, Asia-Pacific, America), and it integrates
the continuous acceleration of professional and consumer technologies.
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